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We are family owned yet professional business house being run with the experience of last 4 generations. The first recorded document we have, date to 1945. We are a perfect mix of Long Experience and Professional practices which generally lack in many businesses.

We are into different businesses majorly in the distribution and trading of wide range of products in India. We represent many national and international companies in India. We have 8 distribution offices in 7 different provinces in India. We not only partner in distribution of goods but also provide legal assistance, market intelligence; suggestion based on market trends to the suppliers or principle companies. We try to make them, their name and their brand strong enough to enable them to catch up with natural up and downs in market.

What we believe in

Businesses are not only source for earning Livelihood but it’s the notion to pay our part in the social system we live in. That may relate to social & moral responsibility, economic freedom for our associates, responsibility towards nation and being motivated to help who are in need.

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Following are the believes we treasure.

For Suppliers

We have suppliers’ relationships that age for more than 50 years. It is just because of our business policies. We are very much onto our commitments relating to movement of goods, quantity commitments, payment devoirs etc. Anything and everything is secondary when we it’s the matter of our commitments not only to suppliers but also the buyers . It is really amazing that in 80’s when the communication and travelling was not so easy, we met our suppliers after even 25 years of business relationships. But now in today’s era we are very much selective on suppliers. We do a through research of the background, practices followed by them, their product quality, their supply capacity etc. before we get into a business relationships. We invest time in trust building period, which is good not only for our suppliers and us but also for our customers-as we can ensure the supply of best products in maximum possible optimum business environment.

For Customers

Our customers are our first priority. We keep our eyes and ears open for our customers 24 x 7. Although we follow professional ethics about business timings but we also don’t hesitate to provide best of our services even during holidays. We are happy to state that we enjoy very long and ever lasting relationships with many of our customers who despite of all adversities and lucrative offers in today’s competitive environment kept pace with us. Not only this we enjoy very healthy and strong family/personal relationships with many of our customers which include not only family run businesses but also the professionals who work for multi-national companies and many of them never last even after their respective retirement/s. We believe business is not only about professionalism but also- it’s a platform for finding new friends, understanding new cultures, adopting good practices from all over the world and getting into new relationships. A good customer is also very good teacher. He/she will not only teach- market trends but they also teach us importance of relationships with suppliers with his/her actions towards us.

For employees

Our employees are our strength and we are happy that we are successful to create an environment, which converted our offices into home like place. Our employees are associated with us not only for earning their living but they are associated like a family. Losing even one member is not tried to avert by the team but also by the same member.

For Society

We strongly believe that every single thing we do in the whole day have an impact on the society or community we live in; and hence being reflected in our lives. We know that the equality is not something, which we can bring on table our selves but we may become a part of the activity for the change to begun. Our family, from decades contributes a part of what we earn for the different social causes and upliftment of the weaker sections of the society through many missions and activities. But now we have also started a foundation- Aanandit Foundation with the help of few other associated families which targets to not only contribute for the cause but also motivate others to participate.

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